Isayas Alami

Life and ministry

Chaillot, The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Tradition, writes on p. 64:

“In 1951-52, two Copts launched the service of Sunday School in Ethiopia: Antoun Mikael, a teacher in the Theological School of the Holy Trinity […], assisted by Banoub Chehata, a member of the Sunday School in Egypt working in Ethiopia. They trained some students of the Theological School to be Sunday School teachers, who were then sent to parisches to gather youngsters together after the Liturgy. […]

Isayas Alami [Alemu?], then a student in the [Theoogical] School, prepared hymns and songs for the Sunday School which, for the first time, were in Amharic.

All this work was supported by the teaching staff of the Holy Trinity School, especially by Edward Benjamin, another Coptic teacher, who took over the responsibilty from 1958 until he left Ethiopia in about 1963.”

Further study

Chaillot, Christine. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Tradition: A Brief Introduction to Its Life and Spirituality. Paris: Inter-Orthodox Dialogue, 2002.