Jorga Mesfin

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Life and ministry

From the website “Music in Africa” (2016):

“Jorga Mesfin is an Ethiopian saxophonist who has made an impact on the Ethiopian and World music scene with works such as Teza, Wudasse and The Nile Project. He is a self taught musician with influences that span the spirit and innovation of Jazz and the ancient and diverse sounds found in Ethiopian music.

A professional performer since the age of 17, Jorga’s career boasts appearances with Tsegaye Gebremedhin, Carolyn Beard Withlow, The Last Poets, Vijay Iyer, Wayna Wondossen, Kirk Whalum, Takana Miyamoto, Gizze Reggae band, Dionne Farris, Aster Aweke, Mahmoud Ahmed, and Mulatu Astatke. [Jorga has been directing Mulatu Astatke’s “African Jazz Village” (Facebook) in Addis Ababa since 2014/15.]

He [Jorga Mesfin] is the founder of Ethio-jazz group Wudasse and composed the score to Haile Gerima’s epic Ethiopian [2008] movie Teza, for which he won the award for Best Music Selection at the 22nd Carthage Film Festival and Best Composer Award at the 5th Dubai International Film Festival. [Jorga Mesfin also composed the music for the 2019 movies Min Alesh? and Enchained.]

As a saxophone and piano instructor, Jorga teaches at the African Jazz School, […] Mekane Yesus Music School and the Wusate Berhan Abere Music Training Center for the Visually Impaired.”

Jorga Mesfin is the author of a forthcoming book for musicians with the working title “Introduction to Ethio-Jazz” (see 2022 video clip below).


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