Maarqoos Tasamma

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Life and ministry

aka Maarqoos Abba Worqo’o

A relative [nephew?] of late KHC leader Abba Gole Nunamo

Maarqoos claims to be the first soloist who sang Hadiyyisa gospel songs

His oldest song in WG [Waa’i galaxxamona] is Nr. 589 “Moollanna, i heechcha kiina uwwaammo” (1969 AM = 1976/77 GC)

Maarqoos moved to Jimma and joined a Pentecostal church [Jimma Hiwot Berhan Church with its influential gospel choir?]

Did he become a pastor?

[Note that Abba Gole was the brother-in-law of Shigute.

“Abba Goli, who was converted after all the missionaries had left, became a strong leader. As a medium of the evil spirit Jara he was one of the most determined opponents of the gospel, but when the Holy Spirit conquered him, then […] he became a mighty instrument in God’s hand for the spread of the truth in his home village and very widely throughout the whole area.” (Duff, 1980, p. 380)]

Songs in hymn book

Waa’i galaxxamona (2013)

Nr. 576 [1970 AM], 589 [1969 AM], 590 [1970 AM]


Maarqoos had an exercise book with his hand-written songs. Somebody borrowed the exercise book after a conference in _ _ _ and never returned it


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Picture of his father (?)

Abba Gole Nunamo with wife and brothers at his Dubancho home in late 1949
(adapted from Duff [1980], Cords of Love, p. 386)