Malaku Mallato

Malaku Mallato Mero was born in Chenna District, Kafa Zone in Southern Ethiopia in 1993. Chenna is known as one of the areas where the exclusion of the Manjo people from social life has been harsh. However, the Manjo can get an education if only the individual can cope with social discrimination.

Malaku trained to be a police officer and has served his congregation as a solo singer since 2015. He moved to Sailem District where the Protestant Christians have contributed a lot to the inclusion of the Manjo. There the members of different denominations gave their assistance (choir, key-board, connections) to produce his first DVD. It has been popular also in two neighbouring Zones (Sheka Zone and Bench Maji Zone).


(1) ሃማና ታበቶ (Hammaana ta beeto; “I am going” [cf. Mar 16:15]). DVD with songs in Kafa language, edited by Elias Tefera and produced by Malaku Mallato in 2017.

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