Mamo Petros

Mamo Petros Godebo was born in Kokailaa village, Doyogena district, Kambata and Xambaaro Zone in the Southern Nations and Nationalities Region in 1982. His father served as an evangelist in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. At a young age, Mamo broke his legs in an accident. When he was bedridden, he promised Jesus to live for him if He healed him. So he did.

Mamo began his solo ministry around 2005, first in his local church, then at national spiritual conferences. In 2018, the Seventh Day Adventist Church called him to full-time ministry.

Mamo earned an M.Sc. in Gender and Family Science [from Hawassa University] and resides now in Addis Ababa.


(1) inezīya beseregela yikoralu [እነዚያ በሰረገላ ይኮራሉ, Those are proud of their chariots]. Cassette released in , 2007.

(2) yewubet hulu minich’ [የዉበት ሁሉ ምንጭ, Source of all beauty]. Cassette released in 2018.

(3) yik’oyal ātibeluny [ይቆያል አትበሉኝ, Do not say: His coming is delayed]. Cassette released in 2019.


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Mamo Petros / Belayneh Chafamo