Mesfin Mamo (Pastor)

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Life and ministry

Mesfin Mamo was born in _ _ _

From the website of Emmanuel Worship Center New Jersey:

“Growing up in a born again Christian family and immersed in church’s life since childhood, Pastor Mesfin Mamo has shown a great sense of commitment and service to the work of the ministry. As lay minister, he was privileged to serve the Lord in various ways. Starting as early as eleven years old, he was a choir leader, later a youth leader and a gospel singer for life. He was also involved in Youth for Christ Ministries for several years and also in Jesus Film Ministry which is under The Great Commission Ministries, Ethiopia. Being so passionate about God’s Kingdom, he was often tempted to leave his successful career as a Computer Programmer/Analyst in one of the nations major income generating company and also as an instructor of a computer training school, for the work of ministry until the time was right.

In the year 1996, he became resident in New York City which led him to join Emmanuel Worship Center in New York. Immediately, he got involved in the church’s ministry with passion and dedication. After Serving for one year as a lay minister, he became the Assistant Pastor for the following six years.

​In August 2003, in response to the call of God in his life, he was ordained to the ministry of full pastorate. Since then, he and his wife, Lily Girma, was appointed as pastor/church planter for the daughter church in northern New Jersey.”


(1) Šəlmate näh [ሽልማቴ ነህ, You are my reward]. CD released by _ _ _ in 2011.

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(2) Nəgäs [ንገሥ, King]. CD released by _ _ _ in 2022.


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