Mirtnesh Tilahun

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Life and ministry

From Seblewengel Daniel, Perception and Identity, p. 367:

“The songs of Mirtnesh Tilahun which included Scriptures in song, gained wide acceptance in 2005 and paved the way for successor singers to do the same. The Gubae [spiritual gatherings in church compounds or public halls] opened a way for the Orthodox public to hear sermons from the Bible and enjoy gospel songs. It was as though the Orthodox believers, who were critical of some of the church’s tradition and did not appreciate the Evangelicals’ extreme measures of abondoning it, finally were able to worship in Orthodox terms.”

Mirtnesh Tilahun was born in _ _ _

Connected to _ _ _ congregation


(1) ክብርህን ሳይ እጠግባለሁ [Kibrihin say itegbalehu, I will be satisfied when I see your glory]. _ _ _ released in _ _ _ (year?)

(2) እመኑ በርሱ [Emenu bersu, Believe in Him]. _ _ _ released in _ _ _

(3) መሞት የለም [Memot yelem, There is no dying]. _ _ _ released in _ _ _

(4) እረኛዬ ነህ [Eregnaye neh, You are my shepherd]. _ _ _ released in _ _

(5) ክበር ባለኝ ነገር [Kiber balegn neger, I am proud of what I have]. _ _ _ released in _ _ _


Songs of Repentance, no. 1: ዘላለም ላይኖር [Zelalem layinor, You don’t live forever]. _ _ _ released in _ _ _ (year?)


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published in 2009:

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እንዴት ወጣሁ ብዬ (ዘማሪት ምርትነሽ ጥላሁን) _መዝሙር

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Interview/ Testimony

published in 2019:

Zemarit Mirtenesh  ዘማሪት ምርትነሽ  ምስክርነት ሰጠች

Further reading

Seblewengel Daniel, Perception and Identity: A Study of the Relationship between the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Evangelical Churches in Ethiopia. Carlisle (UK): Langham Monographs, 2019. [p. 367]