Moges Seyoum (Liqa Mezemran)

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Life and ministry

From Prof. Kay Kaufman Shelemay’s storymap “Musical Sentinels of the Ethiopian American Diaspora“:

“Trained from childhood as a musician in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Moges Seyoum left Ethiopia in 1970 for studies of theology and law in Greece. Stranded abroad at the revolution’s start, Moges remained in Greece until he received asylum in the United States
in 1982. There he joined a friend in Dallas, Texas with whom he founded an Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and in 1989 moved to Washington, DC, where he helped found Qeddus Maryam Ethiopian Orthodox Church, one of the largest churches in the Ethiopian diaspora.

In Washington, Moges assumed the title Liqa Mezemran, which recognized his accomplishments as both a liturgist and musician. Over the last thirty years, Moges Seyoum has led the liturgy at Qeddus Maryam Church; voluntarily held weekly classes to teach congregants to perform important portions of the Ethiopian Orthodox ritual; and arranged chants for members of his church to perform at community events and festivals.

Moges has also written books on Ethiopian musical notation and the life of Saint Yared, the founder of Ethiopian liturgy and its music, and recorded portions of the chant on CD for use by Ethiopian churches across the diaspora. In 2008, Moges Seyoum received the National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship for his leadership in performing and transmitting the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian liturgy in the United States.”


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Further reading

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