Petros Tesema

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Life and ministry

Petros Tesema [aka Petros Tessema] was born in _ _ _ (Hadiyya or Kambaata?)

Studied at Bahir Dar University; lives in Addis Ababa (according to his FB)

Gospel songs in Hadiyya, Kambaata, and Amharic


(1) _ _ _

(2) _ _ _ CD / VCD released by _ _ _ in 2020.

(3) _ _ _ CD with Hadiyya and Kambaata gospel songs, released by _ _ _ in 2022.


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ዘማሪ  ጴጥሮስ ተሰማ ሙሉ አልበም መዝሙሮች ፡ Singer Petros Tessema @MERCYSDA
New Hadiyegna And Kambategna Gospel Song Album ///ዘማሪ ጴጥሮስ ተሰማ/👆🤙🎼🎹🎤💿🎶

Songs with lyrics

ዘማሪ ጴጥሮስ ተሰማ ቁ.3 አዲስ መዝሙር ኒ አና ገለጠም petros tesema new song Ni ana galaxam #3