Tagesech Amacho

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Life and ministry

Hadiyyisa: Taaggasachchi Amaachcho

Married to gospel singer Yosef Samuel


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Songs in hymn books

Waa’i galaxxamona (2013)

No. 5, 32, 58, 64, 81, 142, 144, 146, 165, 197, 222, 242, 347, 391, 459, 501, 534


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Album / collection

ድንቅ የድሮ መዝሙሮች Tagesech Amacho hadiya mezmur

vol. 5:

ዘማሪት ታገሠች አማቾ "ሙሉ አልበም" በኦዲዮ Hadiysa mazimur Subscribe like comment ያድርጉ።


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ታላቅ ሚስጥር አወጡ! ደማቅ ሕይወት አገልግሎት  ከዘማሪት ታገሰች አማቾ እና ሙሉነሽ ዮሐንስ ክፍል 1 ተለቀቀ🔴 #zelalemtesfaye