Tefera Negash

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Life and ministry

From Lebu, West Hararghe Zone in Oromia Region (according to his FB page)


(A) _ _ _ (Temelesh; ‘_ _ _’). CD released by Nahom Records, Addis Ababa, 2010.

(B) _ _ _ (Acham Atagegne; ‘_ _ _’). CD released by Nahom Records, Addis Ababa, 2012.

Gospel songs:

(1) አልመለስም (Alemelesem; ‘_ _ _’). CD released by Meskel Media, Addis Ababa, 2011.

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vol. 1 (adapted from WikiMezmur.org)

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[recorded in 2012:]

December 2012 - Hirut Bekele and Tefera Negash Testimony and Interview


የተከበርክ ሰው አይደለህም..? አለኝ!! ወንድም ተፈራ ነጋሽ Nikodimos Show - Tigist Ejigu


ዘፈኖች ተወስደውብኝ በየመንገዱ ሌባ እያሉ //  ትልቁ ልጄ ገፍትሮኝ ሮጠ //እየሱስ ሰላም ነው // የቀድሞ ታዋቂው ዘፈኝ የአሁኑ ወንጌላዊ ተፈራ ነጋሽ