Tesfaye Gabbiso (Pastor)

Life and Ministry

Tesfaye Gabbiso Doyamo was born in Dengora Elmete, Aletta Wondo District, Sidama Region, in 1954. His mother … [full profile in forthcoming book on Ethiopian gospel music]


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Songs in hymn book

Səbhat laʼamlak (2007)

No. 286, 446.

Wädase Amlak, vol. 2 (1991f)

There are 27 songs written by Tesfaye Gabbiso:
no. _ _ _

God is Here (1981)


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published in 2015:





YeTesfaye Gabbiso mezmuroch / The Songs of Tesfaye Gabbiso. Translated by Haile Jenai, edited by Lila Balisky. Addis Ababa: SIM Press, 2011; revised ed. 2012.

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Mïhïretu ayalķïhïmïna (‘His Mercy Never Ends’). Lyrics of over 200 songs sung by Tesfaye Gabbiso from 1974-2012. Hawassa: Tesfaye Gabbiso and Hawassa Mulu Wengel Church, 2012/13 (2005 AM).

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» Open book

Tesfaye Gabbiso. In Those Days: Memoirs of Religious Persecution in Yirga Alem, Ethiopia. Tr. Minas Biruk. Addis Ababa: SIM Press, 2020. [Available from SIM Book Shop; Amh. original: Beziyan gize.]

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Tesfaye Gabbiso