Wondimu Wotaro

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Life and ministry

Wondimu Wotaro was born in _ _ _

He lives in Hawassa

Gospel songs in Sidaama


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WONDIMU WOTARO "Ane Kaayyo" Non-Stop Sidaamu Afoo Gospel Songs | Doorantino Faayya Faayya Faarsuwa

Songs with lyrics

sidamic gospel song wondimu Wotaro /ane kaayyo/ song lyrics


published in 2022:

DANCHATE NINKERA NEW Ethiopian Sidama gospel Song Singer wondimu wotaro( መልካም ነው ለእኛ ) subscribe&Lik
አሳራ ዳንዳኖ( ልሰራ ይችላል) new ethiopian  sidama gospele  singer wondimu wotaro# sabiscrab# new song