Workneh Alaro (Pastor)

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Life and ministry

Workneh Alaro was born in _ _ _

Connected to:

  • formerly: Kotobe Mulu Wongel church?
  • Now: Beth-Haran International Church, Addis Ababa; pastor and gospel singer,

He earned a BA from [Pentecostal ] Addis Ababa Bible College (according to his YouTube channel)

Gospel songs in Amharic and Wolaytta


(1) Kesat West Yeneteqegn [ከእሳት ውስጥ የነጠቀኝ, He snatched me from the fire]. CD released by Meskel Media, Addis Ababa, 2006.

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vol. 1 (adapted from

(2) Amelkewalehu [አመልከዋለሁ, I pray]. CD released by _ _ _, Addis Ababa, 2012. [Includes Wolaytta song(s)?]

» Read lyrics of selected songs on WikiMezmur

vol. 2 (adapted from


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