Yohaannis Hereego

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Life and ministry

aka Yoohaannis Biincaamo (and Yoohaannis Maarqoos [?])

Yoohaannis Hereego Meeraago was born in _ _ _ (Shaashoogo District) around 1945 (???).

[Yoohaannis told us in 2010 that he was in his 20s when he started solo singing [in “1967” = 1974/75 AD ?]. However, he also said in 2010 that he was “75 years old” [* 1935 AD]. In that case, he would have been almost 40 years at the beginning of the Ethiopian Revolution. There is a contradiction. Note that Yoohaannis didn’t seem to remember details very well during our conversation.]

Yoohaannis’ family suffered a lot. The problems were partly attributed to a magichcho named Maasseebo [?].

[That “medicine man” (Braukämper, Faand., p. 227) was eventually imprisoned because he killed his own wife and brothers. After prison, Maasseebo became a Christian.]

Yoohaannis grew up with a rich uncle who was a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Yoohaannis seems to have joined Kale Heywet Church around “1964” [= 1971/72 AD?].

Two elders of the local KHC congregation, Baadooro Ortaabo and Galata Kookeebo [?], encouraged Yoohaannis to sing and teach. There seems to have been only one other Hadiyyisa soloist at that time.

According to his recollection, Yoohannis served as solo singer from “1967 – 1977” [ca. 1975 – 1985 AD?]. He sang in congregations as far as Durame.

Yoohaannis’ oldest songs in Waa’i galaxxamona were written around “1967” (= 1974/75 AD?):

  • Nr. 568, “Hashshu, hashshu, neese malleenatte”
  • Nr. 600, “Ni Waa’i neese ka’isa iittimma” (responsorial song; also attributed to Elsa’a Shaheebo?)

During the Ethiopian Revolution, his uncle lost a lot of land. A famine in “1977” [= 1984/85 AD?] caused Yoohaannis to move from Shaashoogo to Boobichcho. There, a relative introduced him to a SIM missionary [named _ _ _?] who encouraged him.

From Boobichcho, Yoohaannis continued his journey to Bidiqa and Jalo’o [Chalo’o ?]. He became a farmer.

Yoohaannis’ land in the Bonnochchora area is from his late uncle.

Songs in hymn book

Waa’i galaxxamona (2013)

Nr. 551, 573, 582, 596, 601.


Yoohaannis Hereego
(June 2010)