Yoseph Bekele

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Life and ministry

Yoseph Bekele was born in _ _ _

Moved from Hossana area to Addis Ababa

He serves as minister of Music and Worship at Eth. Kale Heywot Church Head Office (according to his FB page)

Gospel songs in Amharic (and a few in Hadiyya)


(1) Baleweletayie Gieta [ባለውለታዬ ጌታ, I owe you, Lord]. CD released by Meskel Media, Addis Ababa, 2006.

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vol. 1 (adapted from WikiMezmur.org)

(2) Mahetemien yefetah [ማህተሜን የፈታህ, You released my seal]. CD recorded by _ _ _, Addis Ababa, 20_ .

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(3) Sentun lawra [ስንቱን ላውራ, How many _ _ _?]. CD recorded by _ _ _, Addis Ababa, 20_ .

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(4) Qedesena LeEgziabhier [ቅድስና ለእግዚአብሔር, Holiness to God]. DVD? recorded by _ _ _, Addis Ababa, 2014.

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(5) irenyayē sibisibi [እረኛዬ ስብስብ, Shepherd’s collection]. CD (?) recorded by _ _ _, Addis Ababa, 2021.

Songs in hymn books



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