Amharic hymnals (groups)

(1) Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Dallas


Songs. Edited by Ethiopian Christian Fellowship. Dallas. [No date indicated]

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(2) Serawite Kristos Mahber

Mäzmurä bǝrhan [መዝሙረ ብርሃን, Songs of Light]. Addis Ababa: Serawite Kristos Mahber, 1955/56 (1948 AM).

courtesy Marianne Nilsson

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(added is Marianne Nilsson’s transcription
of selected melodies)

(3) Unknown group

Ǝnǝzämǝr [እንዘምር]

Ǝnǝzämǝr [እንዘምር, Let us sing]. Vol. 2. [No editor, place and date indicated; contains 200 mimeographed songs.

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Q: What about vol. 1?


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