Institutions, Archives, and Stores in Ethiopia

For Questions about Gospel Music

Denominations and Fellowship resp. Council of Churches

(arranged in alphabetical order)

Catholic Church in Ethiopia
(Catholic Bishops Conference of Ethiopia)
Next to Catholic Cathedral, Piassa area, Addis Ababa
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» Write to info at cbce minus gs dot org

Ethiopia Ammanuel United Church (EAUC)
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Ethiopia Assemblies of God (EAG)
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Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EEMCY)
Jomo Kenyatta Rd. (close to Meskel Square), Addis Ababa
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Ethiopian Full Gospel Believers’ Church (FGBC)
(aka Ethiopian Mulu Wongel Amagnoch Church)
Yeka Sub-City, Aware; Addis Ababa
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Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC)
in front of African Union, Addis Ababa
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Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC)
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[somewhat old; operated from North America;
it seems there is no official EOTC website]

Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia (ECFE)
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Ethiopian Gospel Believers’ Churches Council (EGBCC)
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Ethiopian Guenet Church (EGC)
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Ethiopian Hiwot Berhan Church (EHBC)
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Meserete Kristos Church (MKC)
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Seventh Day Adventist Church in Ethiopia (SDA)
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Selected Non-denominational Congregations

City of Refuge Church (YouGo), Addis Ababa
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Favour International Church, Hawassa
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Jesus the Spring of Life International Church (JSL), Addis Ababa
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New Creation International Church, Addis Ababa
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Zetseat Apostolic Reformation Church, Addis Ababa
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Media Producers

Yemisrach Dimts Communication Services (YDCS)
YDCS has been serving in various fields such as literacy, Christian literature and radio programme production.

  • The YDCS archives hold the remaining records of Radio Voice of the Gospel (RVOG, 1964-1977).
    After the military junta confiscated the radio station, YDCS shifted to cassette ministry. The main studio is located in Addis Ababa (near Mekane Yesus Seminary). For a few years, cassettes were also recorded in Hawassa, Hossana and Aira.

Privately Owned TV Stations
» See overview of TV ministries
(mostly broadcasting via YouTube channels)

Online Stores with international shipping
Gospel music albums, etc.
Books, etc.

Academic Institutions

» Check libraries for student papers, etc.

Capuchin Franciscan Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Addis Ababa

Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (EGST), Addis Ababa
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Evangelical Theological College (ETC), Addis Ababa
(affiliated with Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church)
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Holy Trinity University (HTU); Addis Ababa
(affiliated with the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church)
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Mekane Yesus Seminary (MYS), Addis Ababa
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Other Mekane Yesus seminaries / colleges:

Meserete Kristos College (MKC), Bishoftu etc.
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Pentecostal Theological College (PTC), Addis Ababa
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Ethiopia Adventist College (EAC), Shashamene
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SIL Ethiopia
(partnering with Ethiopian language communities)
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For Questions about Traditional Music

Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES)
The library of this research centre on the Addis Ababa University campus holds, amongst others, audiovisual materials.
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Yared School of Music (YSM)
College of Performing and Visual arts at Addis Ababa University
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Jazzamba School of Music (JSM), Addis Ababa
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National Archives and Library of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)
Items collected include books, periodical literature, microforms, photographs, manuscripts, research papers and audio recordings.
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» Read paper by Anaïs Wion the National Archives and Library of Ethiopia [p. 20-21 on audio recordings]

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC)
Media libraries available in Addis Ababa and regional offices
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» Read MA Thesis by Tsigereda Siyoum on Radio Ethiopia 1974-2000