Ethiopian Orthodox Mission

Lundgren [1983], Proclaiming Christ, p. 85 on the Ethiopian Orthodox Studio in Addis Ababa:

“Provision to accomodate Amharic programs, produced by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, in the RVOG [Radio Voice of the Gospel] broadcast schedule was made from the very beginning. It has also been written into the general agreement with the Ethiopian Government that RVOG should make available upto 30 minutes daily braodcast time, free of charge, to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The official leadership of this church was, however, not interested in making use of this privilege. The Emperor therefore instructed the chaplain at the Palace, who was also head of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Liqe Siltanat Hapte Mariam, to organize a program production unit for RVOG.

Under the leadership of this man, the Holy Trinity Cathedral had at that time also started an evangelism outreach program called the Ethiopian Orthodox Mission (EOM) and it was now suggested that EOM should assume the responsibility for production of radio programs in Amharic, which RVOG had offered to broadcast free of charge.

In communication with RVOG and with the assistance of station staff, EOM remodelled an old residence into a recording studio. Production started in mid-1963 and the programs were transmitted on both shortwave and mediumwave as of March 1964. When government regulations were changed and vernacular broadcasts were allowed in 1975, the studio added both Oromo and Tigrinya languages to its Amharic production.”

Further reading

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