Ethiopian songs (general introduction)

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Richard Taylor, Under African Skies ‘Ethiopia’ (1989)
Film focussing on Ethiopian music in the 1980s

Under African Skies 'Ethiopia'

Mulatu Astatke on Ethiopian musical culture, Ethio-jazz, etc.
Video and transcript of an interview and lecture (Toronto, 2007)

Mirkuzz (YouTube Channel)
Listen to old cassettes (110k subscribers)

Short Introduction to Ethiopian Music
Written by ethnomusicologist Zenebe Bekele

EthioFolk Project
Folk music recorded and filme(d in 1965
(Amhara, Tigrai, Oromo, Kaficho, Dawro, Somali, Harari, Isaa)

The Global Jukebox
Access to traditional songs from more than a dozen Ethiopian ethnic groups (you may enter as a ‘guest’; cantometrics available)

Ethio-pain Music
Blog introducing popular music (esp. before the Ethiopian Revolution)


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