Getachew Belete

Life and ministry

worked with Kale Heywet Church for 18 years

served as President of the Ethiopian Authors Association [EAA]




Book release: Are there songs for our social issues? (Posted in 2020:)

Interview on the role of EAA and the contribution of Ethiopian authors to society (posted in 2013:)

Further study

Interview in Jan Magne Steinhovden’s chapter in forthcoming book on Ethiopian gospel music

Getachew Bellete, The Story of the Kale Heywet Church in Ethiopia. Vol. 3: Agonies and Halleluyas (1974-2000) [in Amharic]. Addis Ababa: KHC Literature Department, 2000 A.D.

Abere Adamu, Tadele Gedle, Endalegeta Kebede, Getachew Belete, Serse Firesenbet, and Hailemelekot Mewail. Tilahun Gessesse: Ye‘ityopiya Yemusiqa Nigus, 1933-2001 A.M. [Tilahun Gessesse: Ethiopia’s King of (sc. Popular) Music, 1940-2009 A.D.]. Addis Ababa: Shama Books, 2009 A.D.