Krapf (tr.), New Testament in Oromo

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Translated into the Galla Language by the Rev. Dr. Krapf. /

Qulqulloota Maxaafota kakuu haarawaa Afaan Yoonaaniitii gara Afaan Oromootii kan hiike Yohaannis Luwiis Kiraaphiif Alaqaa Zannebiin Itiyoophiyaawii Oromoonis; Ruufoo fi Shoolaan, Waareeni fi Jaagan yoo gargaaranii guddaa
[The Holy Scriptures, The New Testament: Translated from Greek into Oromo by Johann Ludwig Krapf and from Ethiopic (i.e. Ge’ez) into Oromo by aläqa Zännäb; assisted by Ruufoo, Shoolaan, Waaree and Jaagan].

Printed at the request and expense of the British and Foreign Bible-Society in London. At the Mission-Press of St. Chrischona, near Basle, Switzerland. 1876.

Source: Google Books


Darlow & Moule, Catalogue, vol. 2, p. 469, reads:

“In 1876 all the N.T. portions printed between 1870 and 1875 were bound together in one volume, with a general title in English (The New Testament … translated into the Galla language by the Rev. Dr. Krapf, dated 1876), another title in Galla, and list of books.”

Coldham, Bibliography, # 762, reads:

“The first New Testament, made up of Nos. […]”