Onesimos Nesib, Catechism

Onesimos Nesib, tr. Katekismos [Catechism in the Galla-language (i.e., Oromo)]. St. Chrischona: Mission-Press, 1899.

Source: Rev. Dr. h.c. Tasgaraa Hirphoo

Further reading

Arén, Gustav. Envoys of the Gospel in Ethiopia: In the Steps of the Evangelical Pioneers 1898-1936. Stockholm: EFS förlaget; Addis Ababa: The [Ethiopian] Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, 1999.

Quote from Arén, Envoys, p. 450:

Rev. Dietrich Wassmann “[p. 450] was very unhappy about Onesimos’ translation into Oromo. Onesimos had translated what Wassmann erroneously believed was the Heidelberg Catechism, that means the Reformed Version, which inter alia ‘presents a wrong rendering os Sheol’.* Wassmann was therefore forced to translate into Oromo the only Catechism that he as a Lutheran missonary thought should be used, that is to say Luther’s own Catechism.”

* “[p. 450, footnote 155] Onesimos’ Oromo Catechism was a translation of ‘Die Württembergische Kinderlehre und das Confirmations-Büchlein in’s Amharische übersetzt von Johannes Meier‘, revised and edited by Dr L. Krapf in 1866. As this Catechism in Amharic issued from the press the same year that the Swedish missionaries began their work in Eritrea, they used it for their work, and Onesimos grew up with it. The Amharic version was revised by Anders Svensson and reprinted in 1,000 copies in 1888. SEM/MT 1889, 132.”