Oromo hymnals (individuals)

[arranged in chronological order]

Martin Nordfeldt (Rev.)

Letter to Mission Director Dahlberg (1927), mentioning duplicated hymn selection. [View online]

Dietrich Wassmann (Rev.)

[no title]. Mimeograph with 26 songs, most of them translated from German by Dietrich Wassmann. Aira [1930s].

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Lammeesa Bato (Rev.)

Sagalee Lubbuu Galata Waaqayyof [ሰገሌ ሉቡ ገለተ ዋቀዮፍ, Words from the soul to praise God]. Mimeograph, edited by Lammeesa Bato. n.p., 1970.

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Tasgara Hirpo (Rev.)

Galata kee Yesus [Thanks to you, Jesus]. Edited by Tasgara Hirpo. Hermannsburg: Missionsbuchhandlung, 1993. [50 songs selected from Galata Waaqayyoo (1990f); written in Qubee (Roman script)]

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