St. John 1-5 in Oromo (1839)

The following is the earliest printed translation of several Bible chapters in Oromo:

Krapf, Ludwig (tr. and ed.). Tentamen imbecillum translationis evangelii Johannis in linguam Gallarum. Auctore J. L. Krapf, missionario: Auxiliante Berkio, viro ex stirpe Gallarum, quam Gelan vocant, oriundo. Inceptum in urbe Ankobar, quae regni Shoanorum capitalis est. [Imperfect attempt to translate the Gospel of John (chapt. 1-5) into the language of the ‘Galla’. Authored by Rev J.L. Krapf, missionary: with the help of Barkii, a man from the tribe of the Galla (…)]. London: R. Watts, 1839.

Source: Google Books

Further reading

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  • See esp. the appendix with an overview of Krapf’s linguistic works and translations on p. 168-74.
Other Oromo Bible Versions

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments. Translated into the Galla language [i.e., Oromo] by Onesimos Nesib. St. Chrischona: Mission-Press, 1899 (at the expense of the British and Foreign Bible Society in London).

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The earliest printed Oromo translation of a several Bible verses seems to have been published by

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