Psalms in Oromo (1872)

The Book of Psalms: translated into the Galla language. /

Faarsotaa mootiin Daawid Afaan Oromootii: Kan hiiqe Waaree nama
Noonnoo, Zannabis nama Itoophii kan xaafe, Luwiis Kraaphif nama Niimsaa attamuudhaaf kan qopheesse, kan qajeelches, ganda Koorantaaliitii

[The Psalms of King David in Oromo: Translated by Waaree from the Noonnoo, written by Zännäb from Ethiopia and _ _ _ _ (Translation?) by Lewis Krapf from Germany in the village of Korntal]

Printed at the expense and by the request of the British and Foreign Bible-Society in London. At the Mission-Press of St. Chrischona, near Basle, Switzerland. 1872.

(adapted from scans contributed by the
Swiss National Library via EOD)


Coldham, Bibliography, # 759, reads:

“The Psalms, translated by J. L. Krapf, assisted by Debtera Saneb and Roofo.”