Oromo Bible (1899): New Testament

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments:

Translated into the Galla language [i.e., Oromo] by Onesimos Nesib,
native of Galla, Swedish missionary. Printed, at the expense
of the British and Foreign Bible Society in London, at the
mission-press of St. Chrischona near Basle, Switzerland. 1899.

Part 5 [of the online version]: The New Testament (Matthew – Revelation)

(adapted from scans contributed by the
University Library of Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin)


Darlow & Moule, Catalogue, # 4119, says about the first edition of the New Testament translated by Onesimos (Imkullu 1893):

“In 1865, on the advice of Krapf, the Swedish Evangelical National Society started a mission among the Galla people. For many years their agents were confined to the immediate neighbourhood of Massowah, but since 1889 they have been able to extend their sphere of labour. Finding that their natives could not understand Krapf’s Central Galla version they determined to issue a fresh translation [in Northern Galla]. This was prepared by Onesimus Nesib, a Galla teacher, who used Krapf’s version as a basis; and an edition of the N.T. was printed in 1893 at the mission-press at Moncullo near Massowah, with financial aid from the B.F.B.S.”

Coldham, Bibliography, # 766, adds no new information.


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