Orthodox Tewahedo liturgy and spirituality (bibliography)

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[On the Ethiopian Rite see esp. p. xxxvi-xxxvii (intro) · 9 (prebaptismal anointing) · 18f (consecration of the baptismal waters) · 25 (formula for baptism) · 29 (chrismation) · 34 (first communion) · 49f (reconciliation) · 66-68 (intro to eucharistic liturgies) · 75 (liturgy of the word) · 79 (pre-anaphoral rites) · 99-104 (anaphoras) · 123 (communion and dismissal · 153-58 (liturgical year) · 190-98 (liturgy of the hours) · 232-34 (marriage rites) · 297f (unction) · 350-53 (funeral rites) · 411-13 (bibliography)]

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