Somali hymnals

Kitab tukacho iyo heso Somaliah [A Prayer and Hymn Book in Somali]. Rome: Sodalité de St. Pierre Claver, 1954.

Qasiidooyin Ilaah amaan ah [Hymns in God’s Praise]. [2nd edition ?]. Nairobi: Codka Nolosha Cusub, 1993. [50 songs in Somali]

  • Andrzejewki, p. 116-17: “Some [hymns] are most probably translations from English but others may be original compositions or adaptations. Alliterative verse is used in all of them.”

Codadka Iftiinka: Qasiiddooyin Eebbe Ammaan Ah / Voices of the Light: Somali Christian Hymns. Somali lyrics with English translation by Aweis A. Ali. Published under the auspices of the Somali Bible Society, Mogadishu 2023. [View online]

Further reading

Andrzejewski, B. W. “Biblical Translations and other Christian Writings in Somali: A Survey”, in Afrikanistische Arbeitspapiere (Cologne) 21 (1990): 105-21. [View online]