Only apps that are updated regularly and have been installed more than 5000 times are listed below (arranged according to the number of downloads):

1. Gospel Songs

የመዝሙር ጥናት ደብተር
(by FG System; > 100k downloads; 5.0*)
More than 3.500 Protestant gospel songs

መዝሙር ተዋሕዶ
(by Yoncity; > 100k downloads; 4.7*)
Gospel songs and poetry for the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Ethiopian Mezmur Videos
(by Melkam Apps; > 100k downloads)
Orthodox and Protestant gospel song clips

Ethiopian Christian Songs
(by Melkam Apps; > 50k downloads)
More than 500 Protestant gospel songs

Apostolic Songs
(by Apostolic; > 50k downloads; 4.6*)
Hymns of the Apostolic Church of Ethiopia [Oneness Pentecostalism]

Yezema Gize: Protestant Mezmur
(by Ardi Soft; > 10k downloads; 4.4*)
More than 2500 Protestant gospel songs in Amharic, Oromo and Tigrinya

2. Hymnals

  • Sibhat LeAmlak
    (by Menassie Ephrem, > 10k downloads in May 2023; 4.7*)
    Amharic hymnal, 1981 AM and 2009 AM editions

3. Bibles

1.000+ languages
  • Gideons Bible App
    (by The Gideons Int’l, > 100k downloads; 4.7*)
    Includes print and/or audio bible texts in Aari, Amharic, Banna, Basketo, Daasanach, Dawro, Gamo, Gofa, Guji, Gumuz, Gurage, Hadiyya, Kafa, Kambaata, Komo, Konso, Koorete, Maale, Me’en, Murle, Nuer, Oromo, Sidama, Somali, Turkana, Wolaitta, Yemsa
  • Macaafa Qulqulluu
    (by Waktola Merdassa; > 10k downloads; 4.0*)
    5 Oromo Bible translations plus 1 English and 1 Amharic Bible


Since the offer for Apple devices is limited, apps that are not regularly updated are also listed (in alphabetical order).

Eritrean Catholic Mezmur Songs and Music
(by Padmavathy N; released in 2016; no update)
Offers hundreds of Catholic gospel songs

Kidase Amharic
(by Yemane Russom; released in 2022)
Liturgical chants of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Kidase Tigrinya
(by Yemane Russom; released in )
Liturgical chants of the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Mezmur Best Ever Songs & Music
(by Padmavathy N; released in 2016; no update)
Offers hundreds of Christian gospel songs

Mezmur Selam
(by Yemane Russom; released in 2020)
Related to the Eritrean Lutheran Church;
bible verses and over 100 gospel songs

Tsewatiwe Zema
(by Getahun Ayalew; released in 2019; updated; 5 USD)
A collection of hymn and song books used in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Multiple Platforms

Worship Leader App
(Virtual songbook; music in over 60 languages with Opensong Projection; songs in Ethiopian languages yet to be uploaded)


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