Traditional Oromo songs

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cf. types of traditional Oromo music adapted by Rev. Caalii Fufaa

Q: Differences in form (not only content)?

Ateete (women’s ritual songs at special occasions)

Qe'ee Oromoo, Ateetee

Daboo (“Work songs [?]”)


_ _ _ [Orom. terminology?] “Cultural Song”

(Q: Difference to other types of songs mentioned?)


Shororo [corr. Orom. terminology?] “Newborn Children’s song [= lullaby?]”


Geerarsa (“songs of heroes”)
[corr. Orom. terminology for “war songs”? danfa?]

Derege Shumi - Geerarsa (Oromo Music)
Goobee Oromo Cultural Song 2020
Hachalu Hundessa: Geerarsa Ajaa'ibaa! ** NEW 2017 Oromo Music

_ _ _ [Orom. terminology?] (“Wedding song”)

Oromo's traditional wedding

Types of traditional Oromo music / songs not adapted by Rev. Caalii and others:

_ _ _ (any?)

Faaruu loonii (cattle praising”) / _ _ _ horse praising


Love songs


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