Traditional Oromo songs

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1. Categories of traditional Oromo music adapted by Rev. Caalii Fufaa

1.1 Ateete (women’s ritual songs at special occasions)

pop music variation:

1.2 Daboo (“Work Songs [?]”)

Any on YouTube?

1.3 Shororo (“Newborn Children’s Song [= Lullaby?]”)

1.4 Geerarsa (“Songs of Heroes”)
[Also term for “war songs”? danfa?]

Abitew Kebede (published in 2003):

Dereje Shumi (2013):

Hachalu Hundessa (2017):

Goobee cultural song (2020):

» Read article on Sarah Bishop’s musicology website (with audio clip)

1.5 _ _ _ [Oromo terminology?] “Wedding Song”

1.6 _ _ _ [Oromo terminology?] “Cultural Song”

Any difference from above types of songs?

2. Categories of traditional Oromo music not adapted by Rev. Caalii

2.1 Faaruu loonii (“Cattle Praising” [also “Horse Praising”?])

2.2. _ _ _ _ [Oromo terminology?] “Love Songs”

2.3 Muslim pilgrims’ songs / menzuma

There are numerous examples on YouTube.

3. Other ‘cultural’ Oromo music

Ali Mohammed Birra:

(use playlist)

Anis Gabi:



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