Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA)

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The Ethiopian SDA Church is not a member of the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia, but there is good cooperation with other denominations in some areas, e.g. Bible translation.

In the last century, many songs in the church’s hymnal were translations of hymns from Scandinavia and the US.

Hymn book

Yeadvéntist yewudasé mezmur (‘The Adventist Hymnal’). Translated English songs with notation. Addis Ababa: Seventh Day Adventist Church Publishing and Printing, 1982/83 (1975 AM).

» Open book

Yesebatenya ken advéntist yewudasé mezmur (‘The Seventh Day Adventist Hymnal’). Several Ethiopian songs added. Addis Ababa: Artistic Printers, 2011/12 (2004 AM).



YouTube Channels

Ethiopian SDA

Hope Channel Ethiopia

Mercy SDA


(The following information is from Hadiyya Bible translator,
Belayneh Chafamo, 2019):

Abonsa (Kambaata, 2 Amharic cassettes)

Akaki (Addis Ababa, 2 cassettes)

Gimbi Adventist Choirs

Hawassa SDA Choir

Kebena Adventist Choir


Beyan [= Beyyan?] (Kambaata;
started 1984 AM; 5 Amharic cassettes)

Desta Anamo (Kambaata)

Mola _ _ _ [Anamo?] (North Ethiopia, now US)

Tefera Wolde Maryam (Pastor)


Other well-known choirs:

  • Arus (Oromiya)
  • Gimbichu (Hadiyya) 

Other well-known soloists (according to B. Chafamo, 2019):

  • Mamo (Kambata) has 3 vols.
  • Abera (Kambata) has 2 vols.
  • Pastor Tesfaye (Oromo) has 2 vols.
  • Aman (Hadiyya) has 1 vol,
  • Selamu (Hadiyya) has 1 vol. [in Amharic]
  • Temesgen (Hadiyya) has 1 vol.
  • Pastor Ayele (Hadiyya) has 1 vol.
  • Amen [= Aman?] (Hadiyya) has 1 vol. [in Hadiyyisa]

For further inquiry

Helen Afework Woldemichael
Editor of the SDA hymn book and Director of Choral Music at Forest Lake Academy (Florida)
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Eastern Ethiopia Union Mission
» See entry with contact data in Adventist Yearbook

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