Oneness Pentecostalism

Apostolic Church of Ethiopia (ACE)

The first leader of the Apostolic Church of Ethiopia was Bishop Teklemariam Gezahegne (1937-2022).

They have their own songs, as there is little interaction between Oneness Pentecostals and Trinitarian Christians in Ethiopia.

YouTube Channels


Apostolic Church Mezmur /Songs/ (> 10k subscribers)

Glory Apostolic Mezmur (> 2k)

Iso Yisehak Ab (> 6k)

ObeyActs Bible (> 6k)


Union of Maranatha Choir (Hossana)


Exodus Getahun

Eyasu Teklemariam

(?) Erkenesh Segaro (1st wife of Bishop Teklemariam Gezahegn)

Proprietary Channel
Tracks of (Amharic) albums released by the ACE Media Department.

For further reading

Haustein, Jörg (2013). “The New Prime Minister’s Faith: A Look at Oneness Pentecostalism in Ethiopia”, PentecoStudies 12/2: 183–204.

» Read online version at

For Amharic publications, visit the ACE website.


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