Geja Kale Heywot Church Choir

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History and ministry

Former “Meserete Heywet Church

Singers affiliated with this congregation:

“Dr. Firew, Dr. Simeon Mulatu and a couple of others (I believe teaching at the Evangelical College of Theology) can write on the Geja Kale Hiowot Choir for they were members of that group during Dergue times.” (DB)


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Songs in hymn book

The congregation published a hymn book, Wudasé Amlak (4 vols.)

Q: Edited by the Endrias Hawaz et al.?

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Fur further reading

Temesgen Sahle (2016). “Come and See His Works”: Biography of Evangelist Kedamo Mechato. Addis Ababa: Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Communications and Literature Department. [Amharic; Kedamo Mechato was senior pastor of Geja KH congregation for many years]