Hanna Tekle

Hanna Tekle grew up in Addis Ababa. She attended Sunday School at Geja Kale Hiwot Church and became a member of the choir. After high school, she was assigned to the University of Gondar and completed her Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Hannah worked as an accountant in Zway and Bahir Dar, and then served as the national coordinator of female students at the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church headquarters. Back in Addis Ababa, she joined the choir Zema for Christ, led by singer and musician Dawit Getachew.

Hanna Tekle’s songs are not primarily known for their music and melody or the singer’s voice, but for their powerful and lyrical message. She is not only a singer-songwriter but also a good poet. Her use of language became more and more lucid from album to album. The power of this singer’s songs lies mainly in the message of the Redeemer of this era, which is embodied in decent stanzas.


(1) Bämamäni bičča [በማመኒ ቢቻ, By faith alone]. Cassette [?] released by _ _ _, Addis Ababa, 2007.

(1*) Agəzäñ [አግዘኝ, Help me]. CD released by Meskel Media, Addis Ababa, 2010.

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vol. 1 (adapted from WikiMezmur.org)

(2) Yäzälä’aläm fäṭari [የዘለዓለም ፈጣሪ, The Creator of eternity]. CD released by Meskel Media, Addis Ababa, 2013.

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vol. 2 (adapted from WikiMezmur.org)

(3) Habtä sämay [ሀብተ ሰማይ, The treasures of heaven]. CD released by _ _ _, Addis Ababa, 2019.

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