Dawit Getachew

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Life and ministry

From his biography at MusicInAfrica.org (2016):

“Born 25 September 1986, Dawit Getachew is one of Ethiopia’s well-known gospel artists. He is also a songwriter, arranger and producer. In 2011, he won Artist of The Year Award at a gospel music award held in Nairobi, Kenya. Following his success in 2011, Dawit was again nominated for the Gospel category and won the 2012 East African Gospel Music Awards. In 2012, he released a DVD of his astonishing performance at Christmas show in December 2012 where he performed with other 100 musicians and singers at the National Theatre in Addis Ababa.

When not rehearsing, he teaches piano at the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus School of Jazz Music. His debut album ‘Tebekehalehu’ (l will wait for You) was released in 2010. […] With such a profound demonstration of entrepreneurial skill in music, his forthcoming album and continued artistry will be a shining light for a unique fusion of Gospel songs with secular tempo as that of jazz.”

Dawit Getachew is connected to


(1) እጠብቅሃለሁ (Ǝṭäbəqəhalähu; ‘I will wait for you’). CD released in 2010.

(2) Dawit Getachew live at Addis Ababa National Theatre 2011. DVD released in 2012.

(3) የነገው ትውስታ (Yänägäw təwəsəta; ‘Memory of the future [lit. tomorrow]‘). CD released in 2015.

(4) Till next time. Instrumental music with Cornerstone band. [Digital redition only?] released in early 2021.

(5) አምንሀለሁ (Amənhalähu; ‘I believe in you’). Released in 2021.


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Memory of the Future
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