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History and ministry

From Dawit Getachew’s website:

“By the grace and might of God we started the Kingdom Sound Project in 2009 E.C. (September 2016). […] Our passion behind setting up this project is the desire to witness a generation who is passionately in love with Jesus Christ and expresses this passion through life worship. We desire to see people who perceive worship as an offering to God that is beyond singing; a generation who’s central aim is to do God’s will all the time, in every way – by expressing love, through the Word of God, in song, in service… through each God given talent – imitating the exemplary life of Christ.

This project has a team of approximately 50 people (singers, musicians, poets, production team members and one coordinator) that have come together from different congregations and denominations with one heart, for the sole purpose of glorifying God.”

The group conducts “Kingdom Sound Worship Nights” (usually several times a year). They sing both original and cover songs. Guest singers from outside Addis Ababa might be included.

Selected singers connected to this group (arranged alphabetically):


(1) _ _ _. DVD released by _ _ _ in October 2017.


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2017 [DVD]