Mendi Evangelical Singers

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History and ministry

Mendi [Qubee: Mandii] is located in the West Welega Zone in the Oromia Region.

From Nilsson, ch. 2 in forthcoming book on Ethiopian Gospel Music:

“In the middle of the 1950s the congregation located at Mendi in western Ethiopia had a membership of around 500 people, and many more were attending the worship services. Every week, on Tuesday evening, there was a song practice. Missionary Elsa Hansson reported:
“The songs give wings, joy and life to the experience of salvation, […] and the believers get a creed in the hymns. Their favorite hymn is ‘In the sweet by and by’ (Hanson 1954: 249, transl. by M. Nilsson).”

Mendi Mekane Yesus “A” Choir

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Further reading

Fekadu Gurmessa. Evangelical Faith Movement in Ethiopia: Origins and Establishment of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. Translated and edited by Ezekiel Gebissa. Minneapolis, MN: Lutheran University Press, 2009.

Nilsson, Marianne. “Spreading the Gospel in Vernacular Languages: Lutheran Hymn Translation, Composition and Circulation in Eritrea and Ethiopia”, in forthcoming book on Ethiopian Gospel Music.

Online resource on local history

Mendi” in Local History of Ethiopia, compiled by Bernhard Lindahl, 2005 (published on the website of The Nordic Africa Institute, Uppsala).