Nekemte Evangelical Singers

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History and ministry

Nekemte [Qubee: Naqamtee] is the capital of the former Welega Province and at the center of the road network for south-western Ethiopia.

Place where Onesimos Nesib and his colleagues served for many years

Also one of the early centers of charismatic revival in the Mekane Yesus Church

Q: Which was the first choir in the city (MW, MK, …)?

Unpublished songs

(1) Mekane Yesus Choir (early 1980s)

ยป Open manuscript with 10 songs

For further reading

Berhanu Ofgaa (1980). The Growth of the Evangelical Christianity in the Naqamte and in the Tinfa Parishes in the Central Synod of ECMY: Research Paper. BTh thesis. Addis Ababa: Mekane Yesus Seminary.