Qaalisha Evangelical Singers

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Qaalisha [Google map: Kalisha (near the compound of the present Wachemo University)] is a suburb of Hossana, about 2km east of the Mekane Yesus Synod HQ (Hossana Mekane Yesus “A” Choir) and about 6km southeast of the Kale Heywet HQ in (Hossana-)Bobicho.

Cultural anthopologists Ulrich Braukämper and Siegfried Seyfarth used Qaalisha as one of their bases in the early 1970s. Among other things, Braukämper was permitted to attend séances of a possession spirit there (Fandaanano, p. 250, etc.).


The recordings (made mainly by Seyfarth, around 1972) include one Hadiyya responsorial song and several Amharic hymns (cf. Səbhat läʼamlak hymnal, ed. 1962 AM and 1943 AM):

Further reading

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