Andinet Sebeta Mezemeran


Andinet Sebeta Mezemeran [Unity of Sebeta Singers] consisted of gospel singers who were former students at the Merha Ewourran School of the Blind or current students in the School in Sebeta (the suburb of Addis Ababa to where school had relocated in 1962/63).

The School in Sebete was more spacious and had male and female students. It was a government school, whereas the School in Addis Ababa was run by the Mennonite Mission.

The leader of the choir was Dr Bekele Haile Selassie (* 1954), who was studying law at the time. Bekele Haile Selassie was also a solo singer. He was an ardent Christian (member of the _ _ Church) until his death in 2022.

The choir sang, among other services, at a fundraising event of the Bible Society in Ethiopia in the 1970s (-> audio recording).

Andinet Sebeta Mezemeran had to stop its ministry in 198 _ (during the Ethiopian Revolution). Some of the singers joined the Orchestra Rainbow at that time (singing secular songs).


» Visit Kehali Bekele’s YouTube channel (son of Dr. Bekele H/Selassie)



publ. in 2022:

» listen to audio track from the 1970s
(upload to Zena Wengel Ministry’s channel??)