Teshome Asseged & Orchestra Rainbow


Teshome Asseged had a career as a solo singer.

In the late 1960s and 1970s, he was often accompanied by Orchestra Rainbow, a band of other former students of the Sebeta School for the Blind. The members included Abduke K. Melka and Zemed Gebre-Amlak.


(1) Teshome Asseged. Tizita, Bati. Accompanied by Orchestra Rainbow. Vinyl Philips PH 266 B. Addis Ababa, 1976,

vol. 1 (?)
courtesy: Berhanu Belay

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Teshome Asegid - Sebebé Nesh (ሰበቤ ነሽ) ሙሉ አልበም Ca.1980 E.C.
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ተሾመ አሰግድ = ትዝታ   Teshome Asseged  = Tizita

recorded in 1988/89:

Teshome Asegid - Zeraféwa (ዘራፌዋ) 1981 E.C.

published in 2011:

Teshome Aseged Yene Akal  anchiew Nesh - YouTube.flv


interviews with Teshome Asseged


OMN: Amharic Interview with artist Teshome Asegid (Jan 24, 2015)


Ethio 360 Tewolde Beyene (Teborne) Show With Teshome Asegede part 1 Saturday Oct 30, 2021
Ethio 360 Tewolde Beyene (Teborne) Show With Teshome Asegede part 2(የተደገመ) Saturday Nov 06, 2021

Further study

There is one tape in the Radio Voice of the Gospel Archives in Addis Ababa featuring the young Mr. Teshome Asseged:

  • SAT/H-34f: Singing and Playing the Organ: Ato Teshome Asseged, a blind student (1975.03.01 / 03.08)