Bairu Uqbit

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Life and ministry

Lundström and Ezra Gebremedhin, Kenisha, p. 314
[adapted from material given by his grandson, Herui Tedla Bairu]:

“[p. 314] Mr. Bairu Uqbit was born in Gheremi — an Adi commune just fifteen kilometres from the capital city, Asmara. He had a great yearning for modern education early in his life. Swedish missionaries had a school in Asmara with which the young Bairu wished to associate himself […].

Mr. Bairu built a family of nine children with Mrs. Haregeweini, the daughter of Qeshi Tekle [Tesfa-Kristos] — one of the founders of the Evangelical Church of Eritrea. In matters of church activities Mr. Bairu was a member of the Synod — where he advocated that Christmas and Easter should be celebrated in accordance to the Ethiopian traditions.

Mr. Bairu was also a driving force in the struggle to eradicate illiteracy; among the intellectual achievements of Mr. Bairu, the translation of John Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ in 1926, and his translation of the early New Testament in collaboration with Emebet Elsie [Winqvist], in 1934, are worth noting.

Mr. Bairu also translated several songs in the Tigrinya Book of Hymns.”

Hymns in song books

Mäzmur sälam (1923)

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Further readings


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