Elias Melka

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Lived from 1977 – 2019 A.D.

Elias Melka was the lead guitarist of Zion Band in the late 1980s. (Zion Band was a religious ensemble yet not connected to the Zion Choir that united with Mulu Wongel Choir in the 1970s.)

Afterwards, he played the guitar in Medina Music Band, Zema Lastas, Afro Sound, and Demera Band.

Elias Melka became one of the preeminent music producers of his time, writing songs and producing CDs for artists such as Teddy Afro, Eyob Mekonnen, and Zeritu Kebede.

Elias promoted social responsibility through songs on HIV, traffic accidents. etc-

His last works took biblical borrowings.


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elias melka and his band


ዝነኛው የሙዚቃ አቀናባሪው ኤልያስ መልካ  መሰማት ያለበት ምርጥ Interview


የዘሪቱ የእንባ ስንብት | ኤልያስ አለም ቀርጥፋ የበላችው ጠፊ አይደለም! Zeritu Kebede bids farewell to Elias Melka.

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