Embaye Habte-Egzi (Pastor)

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Life and ministry

Embaye Habte-Egzi was born in …

From K.J. Lundström and Ezra Gebremedhin, Kenisha:

“[p. 485] Bible translator, dresser, teacher, pastor, and translator of a number of books on the spiritual life. Asmara 1927, Bible translation in Rome 1940-1944 in cooperation with Elsie Winqvist. In Asmara 1945-1955. Translated several books. Died Jan. 9, 2000.”

From Ezra Gebremedhin, “Let There Be Light!”:

“[p. 205, fn. 20:] I am thinking of hymns taken from the Swedish hymnal, Sionstoner and the Italian hymn book Inni Christiani (IC). It should be added that many of these hymns have been translated into excellent Tigrinya. Pastor Embaié Habte-Egzy has translated almost all the hymns taken from IC, whereas a number of translations of hymns from Sionstoner bear the name of Memhir Bairu Oqbit.”

Hymns in song books


Embaye Habte-Egzi (in the middle) translating the New Testament in 1933
(adapted from a photograph at the SEM Archives)

Further readings


Mäzmur sälam [መዝሙር ሰላም, Songs of peace]. Music book, edited by Tzeggai Gebreselassie. Avesta (?): The Evangelical Church of Eritrea, 1975.


Ezra Gebremedhin. „ ‚Let There Be Light!’ Aspects of the Swedish Missionary Venture in Eritrea and Their Implications for Political Awareness (1866-1962)”, in African Identities and World Christianity in the Twentieth Century: Proceedings of the Third International Munich-Freising Conference on the History of Christianity in the Non-Western World, ed. K. Koschorke in coop. with J.H. Schørring, pp. 199-214. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2005.

Lundström, Karl Johann (ed. Ezra Gebremedhin). Kenisha: The Roots and Development of The Evangelical Church of Eritrea (ECE)1866-1935. Trenton, NJ: Red Sea Press; Uppsala: SEM, 2011. [See pp. 307, 396, 417]