Getachew Mikre

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Life and ministry

Getachew Mikre was one of the founding members of Addis Ababa University Students’ Christian Fellowship Choir in 1967.

Getachew Mikre was also a founding member and early leader of Mulu Wongel Church’s “A” Choir in 1969.

He emigrated to the USA and studied at the Mennonite-affiliated Goshen College (Indiana, class of 1976).

Getachew Mikre passed away in Los Angeles, CA, in June 2021 (Goshen College, Bulletin Fall/Winter 2021, p. 31).

Hymn books

Getachew Mikre was the key person in contacting and collecting songs from Berhane Wongel Choir, Bible Academy Choir, Mulu Wongel Choir and Light of Life Girls’ School Choir for the hymnal

  • Kälǝb ǝnəzämǝr [ከልብ እንዘምር, Let Us Sing from the Heart]. Vol. 1. Edited by Ethiopian Berhane Wongel [Baptist] Church. Addis Ababa: Globe Publishing Department, 1972 (1965 AM).

Audio / Video

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