Light of Life Girls’ School Choir

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History and ministry

The Light of Life Girls’ School Choir was one of the four choirs known by name whose songs were included in the hymn book Kelïb inïzemïr.

Q: Has this girls’ school choir been associated with

  • (pre-) Kale Heywet Church (s. Launhardt below)
  • (Pentecostal) Ethiopian Hiwot Berhan Church

Singer who might have been a member of this girls’ school choir:

Songs in Hymn Book

Kelïb inïzemïr (1972)

which songs?

For further reading

Launhardt (2004), Evangelicals in Addis Ababa, p. 154 (s.v. Kale Heywet Church):

In 1948 the Christian Training Institute was opened in the Nefas Silk area on the Debre Zeit road to train evangelists. This functioned until around 1960 when it became an elementary school for girls, called Girls’ Christian Academy. In 1968 it became a high school for girls [no name mentioned]. The Grace Kale Heywet Church grew out of this ministry.
[Source: letter Dr P Balisky, March 2002]