Aster Dibaba

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Life and ministry

Nancy Hamilton (Oct. 2019):

“There was an Ethiopian woman named Aster Dibaba who was well known within the missionary community and was involved in music ministry. She lives in the US now but may be able to offer help, or provide contacts.  I would be happy to reach out to her if you’d like.” 

She led the Choir of Hibret Amba Kale Heywet church.

NB: Aster Dibaba returned to Ethiopia (s. her Facebook page).


(1) Galata Waaqayyoo (‘Praise be to God’). Cassette with (translated) Oromo gospel songs [mainly from Macaafa Faarsa by Bethel Synod], distributed by Anna Simbero Ministries, Seattle, WA, 1992.


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