Aster Dibaba

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Life and ministry

Aster Dibaba was born in Dembi Dollo in 1949.

The family moved to Addis Ababa in _ _ _

She attended Light of Life School and was a member of the Light of Life Girls’ School Choir

Aster taught music at the Light of Life School from _ _ _ to _ _ _

She led the Hibret Amba Kale Heywet Choir from _ _ _ to _ _ _.

In _ _ _ (around 1983?), Aster Dibaba moved to the USA where she continued to teach music at _ _ _ (school?) in the Seattle area.

She taught music in _ _ _ (school) from _ _ _ until _ _ _

Aster Dibaba recorded a cassette with Oromo gospel songs in the USA in 1992 and another cassette with English hymns.

Connected to:

  • Medhane-Alem Evangelical Church Seattle

Aster Dibaba and her husband returned to Ethiopia in 2013. They reside in Holeta (near Addis Ababa).


(1) Galata Waaqayyoo [Praise be to God]. Cassette with Oromo gospel songs distributed by Anna Simbero Ministries, Seattle, WA, 1992.

The songs are mainly from the Macaafa Faarsa published by Bethel Ev. Church (some of the songs are included in the EECMY hymnal Galata Waaqayyoo, 1998):

Yaa Abbaa keenya (GW 287)Ganama yommun (GW 160)
Iddoon Yesus (GW 231)Yaa Yesus na’hin… (not in GW)
Waaqayyo tiksee (GW 237)Yaa Waaq eda (not in GW)
Ani sin fedha (GW 286)Sabni lafa irraa (GW 12)
Yoo goftaadhaani (not in GW)Awaala keessaa (not in GW)
Waaqayyo akkana (GW 148)Kan akka Yesus (not in GW )

(2) Trusting my Lord. Cassette with English hymns released by _ _ _ in _ _ _


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vol. 1 (playlist):

vol. 2 (playlist):


Testimony and teaching at Women’s Conference in 2013 (Medhane-Alem Evangelical Church Seattle):