Hibret Amba Kale Heywet Choirs

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History and ministry

Hembret Amba Kale Heywet congregation was established in 1972.

It is an outgrowth of an interdenominational fellowship at the SIM Youth Center (close to Addis Ababa University campuses) set up by Albert & Evelyn Brant in 1961. The activities at the Youth Center included group singing and Sunday services.

“The young Ethiopians were involved in organizing some of the activities of the center, in leading some youth-related programs, in translation of songs from English to Amharic, in choir singing, and so on.” (Tibebe Eshete [2009], Evangelical Movement, p. 134)

The students wanted to develop the fellowship to an independent congregation. The SIM missionaries agreed to hand over the Youth Center to Hebret Amba congregation. Its worship style was Charismatic. Eventually, the congregation joined the Kale Heywet Church.

Singers connected to the Fellowship / Congregation’s choir:


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“B” Choir

Album 1:



A & B Choirs

published in 2022:

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