Tewodros ‘Teddy’ Tadesse

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Life and ministry

From Tewodros Tadesse’s YouTube channel
[NB: Not to be confused with Thewodros Tadesse]:

“Teddy Tadesse, is an Ethiopian Gospel singer and a songwriter. Teddy received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at the age of 18. His musical journey started when he was serving in Hibret-[Amba] Kalehiwet church as a keyboard player and he later became a worship leader in Covenant Church, in Addis Ababa. Teddy has released 3 successful albums. His first album is entitled ‘Ayamregnim’, released in 2008, followed by his much loved album ‘Yekassa Zemen’ in 2014 and most recently his highly anticipated new album entitled WA!,Vol.3, released in January, 2018. Teddy has traveled around the world winning souls for the kingdom of God through his music. His unique gifts in writing, composing and singing have given him favor and platform to reach out many souls all over the globe.”

Operates “Open Heaven Worship Ministry”


(1) Ayamregnim [አያምረኝም, I don’t like it]. CD released by _ _ _ in 2008.

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vol. 1 (adapted from WikiMezmur.org)

(2) Yekassa zemen [የካሳ ዘመን, _ _ _]. CD released by _ _ _ in 2014.

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vol. 2 (adapted from WikiMezmur.org)

(3) WA! [ዋ, _ _ _]. CD released by _ _ _ in 2018.

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vol. 3 (adapted from WikiMezmur.org)

(4) _ _ _ [_ _ _, _ _ _]. CD recorded by _ _ _ in 2023.


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